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Backyard landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping Ideas near your pool or tiki

If you're anything like us, you know that it's not just the inside that matters. When it comes to your house, accenting your home  with natural elements, from plants to palms,  stonework, borders, lights and water  features, makes for an instantly inviting space for guests (and not to  mention a restful retreat for you!).  Let these outdoor design ideas for shrubbery, walkways, and more inspire you to create your own beautiful backyard garden or front lawn oasis.

Lighting your home for protection


Is your landscaping attracting burglars? Did you know that according to many cops in the Miramar area, they say Landscaping Lighting helps protect your home.

Not to mention how beautiful trees, bushes fountains and wells look when well lit up.

We have many different types of lights for you to choose from. Lights that are LED and also color changing bulbs. Now use your remote control for your lights too. 

Landscaping Borders


There are many types of landscaping borders to choose from. A lot of customers have used concrete curbing in the past. Now, however, some of the high end customers are looking for a attractive border that will stand the test of time, such as the one above. 

For example, Plastic Borders $120 per 60 feet

Concrete Borders are ranging from 5 to 8 dollars per linear foot. Custom  borders material can be expensive and prices may start at $3000

Low Maintenance Gardens


While researching these intriguing Low maintenance landscaping ideas, I learned to make gardens that  become easier to care for with each passing year. I learned to  eliminate or reduce repetitive chores, from mowing, trimming, edging and watering. Feeding plants is still a must in my opinion. I learned to base my gardens on the customers needs. Some native plants and other plants from Fort Lauderdale work well in zone 10. Plants that are naturally adapted to the conditions of Miramar's hot on cold seasons. There is no lawn mowing in this backyard, Call for a list of recommended plants for such designs.

Bad Lawns vs Good Lawns


Some customers who call us have many issues with their bad lawns. In some cases we can guide them to do a small maintenance plan. While in other instances we must be drastic and start fresh. 

Buying a pallet of sod now a days to make your lawn look nice and lush is very popular. A pallet of sod brought to your house and installed can range from $500 to $600 per pallet in Miramar, FL. Right now the most popular grass to be installed in St. Augustine Grass.

Do you need help keeping your lawn beautiful?

Mulches Vs Rocks


Mulches vs Rocks a 50 percent debate/ preference.

Some customers love to spend more money up front in a garden to not have the constant cost of replacing the organic mulch. Its great to do it once and forget it.

On the other hand, some people love mulch. Some customers claim it softens up a garden and makes it look more natural. Some customers like a combo of the two. 

This is and example of some of the most wanted types of mulches. 

Would you like to see pictures of a few examples of these landscapes.

Borders and Descriptions in more detail

Colorful Garden with a Concrete Border


This is a Colorful Landscaping Idea with a concrete Border in Miramar, FL. 

Flowering Garden with Hacienda Bricks


This is a beautiful landscaping around a pool with Hacienda Bricks as a Border

Natural Cobble Stone Border with Flowers


This is a unique landscaping job in Miramar with a nice cobble stone look It also features butterfly plants and Flowers.  

Bougainvillea Garden with a Black Edge Border


Some customers don't wish to spend much money on a border. This Black edge is very popular, but its not that popular in Miramar Florida.

Very Simple Garden


This garden may be large but it's very easy to keep clean. It also has two tone rocks and features a concrete border in the front and wood cylinders to separate the rock colors. 

Flagstone border


This Flagstone border is one of the most expensive borders we can create for you. There are other options available, such as, marble colors, flagstone colors, Cap rocks included, etc. Whatever border your choose our landscape design will look beautiful and match your garden needs


Miramar Landscaping Company at your Service

Miramar Landscaping Company at your Service. We service all of Miramar and surrounding areas. Our goal is make the city of Miramar beautiful again. We have unique landscaping ideas. In Fact, in our free consultation  you will see numerous landscaping pictures all made by our landscape company. We hope to see you soon, and we are just one call away. Thank you, your best local landscaper!

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